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About me

Hello everyone and welcome to my website.

My name is Doris. I’m a freedom-loving and nature-loving photographer - and a dreamer.
I love to travel and I am addicted to capture the sea. Waves inspire me in a very special way. On the one hand, I can capture them from the most diverse perspectives - thanks to my drone - and on the other hand, their dynamics and beauty change every second. For me, photographing waves means capturing a very subjective and unique moment and its beauty.
So I am a wave, ocean and drone photographer.
When I'm not following my favorite photo subjects around the world, I live in Weinheim, a beautiful city in southern Germany.

Untamed Nature - Wave and Ocean Photography

For many years I have been particularly enthusiastic about landscape and nature photography, the last years more and more with the focus on ocean and wave photography.

For me, observing and photographing the waves, the diverse colours, shapes and structures, is the most beautiful kind of photography. I love the wild and untamed nature of the waves and the ocean. With this kind of photography nothing is static, but every sight changes in a matter of seconds ..... Photography in highest concentration and at the same time relaxing and meditative.

A breathtaking view - Drone Photography

My Nikon D500 and Nikon Z7II (with various lenses) are my faithful companions.
In addition, for the past year I have been absolutely thrilled with drone photography with my DJ Mavic III.

The ability to take photos and films from a different perspective leads to a completely new visual language.
Even landscapes that are less spectacular from a horizontal angle often look breathtaking from a bird's eye view. Capturing a landscape as a symmetrical work of art or an almost abstract-looking image fascinates me.
In this type of photography, the photographer has the opportunity to create images and create their own compositions. Rivers, vegetation, bodies of water, even streets and buildings (if the composition is successful) result in impressive lines, surfaces, patterns and formations.
These works of art from above inspire and impress me, because the environment can be perceived completely differently.

Bring back memories - Travel photography

When I travel, I collect intense experiences and memories that enrich me long after the trip....
Many images, colors, lights, smells, sounds, moods, sun, wind, sensations, enthusiasm .....
I capture them and keep them inside me.
In addition, I passionately photograph landscapes from my point of view and thus preserve lived experiences additionally with the help of my cameras and lenses on photos. Browsing through these photographs enables me to activate these memories and impressions and to put myself back into the experienced moods at any time.

Travel and photography have always been very important to me and will hopefully accompany me throughout my life.

I hope you enjoy browsing through my pictures and that I can share my enthusiasm and my picture dreams with you.

Glad you are here.

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